Wall fan coils with 3-way valve Inventor (Grecce) IFC-85BWA2/A-K

Wall fan coils are indoor unit of wall air conditioner. This type of fan coils in comparison with usual air conditioner use cold water from chiller or hot water from boiler room.

Server Service Company provides the equipment delivery for conditioning system. One of the key components of industrial air conditioning systems are fan coils. We provide the delivery of fan coils of any types and capacity. That’s why we can select fan coils in accordance with your requirements.



Model IFC-85BWA2/A-K
Air flow Max (CFM) 588
Medium (CFM) 493
Min (CFM) 423
Power Cooling (kW) 504
Heating (kW) 8.5
Power supply Type (V) 220V
Consumption (W) 70
Water supply Water consumption (m3 /h) 0.86
Pressure drop (kPa) 63
Level of sound pressure (dB (А)) 49
Pipes diameter Water inlet / outlet (inch) 1/2
Condensate (inch) 15.6
Dimension of device (W × D × H) (mm) 940x298x200
Package size (W × D × H) (mm) 1010x380x285
Netto weight (kg) 13
Gross weight (kg) 17
Standard controller YB1FA