Water Loop. Model 2600FY

“Water Loop” is a modern cold supply system with high efficiency and reliability. It is easy to operate and maintain.

This system is used for servicing of restaurants, hotels, warehouses, offices, large trade centers and other objects.

Main parts of the system are chiller, fan coil, water pipes, control board, isolation valve.



model internal 2600FY
external 2600W
Nominal cooling capacity (KW) 2.6
EER 4.64
Nominal heating capacity (KW) 3.00
COP 4.76
Air consumption (m3/h) 500
Internal static pressure (Pa) 12(8)
Input power in cooling (KW) 0.59
Input power in heating (KW) 0.63
Electrical parameters (V/Ph/Hz) 230/1/50
Input current in cooling (A) 2.7
Input current in heating (A) 3.0
Type/number of compressors Rotational/1
Noise level dB(A) Internal 35
External 30
Internal 855*475
External 550*430*385
Weight (kg) Internal 18
External 34
Water consumption (m3/h) 0.58
Water pressure drop (Pa) 18
Connecting pipe Liquid(mm) Ø6×0.75
Gas(mm) Ø9.52×0.75
Pipe of chilled water (diameter) R3/4(DN20)
Condensate pipe (diameter) R3/4(DN20)
Volume (kg) 0.65