Trust the installation of the bath the professional specialists, so you will provide the guarantee of long service life of your bath.

If your house has just been built, it is necessary to carry out the installation of the bath. If you need the installation of acryl bath in your house, when purchasing, it is important to pay attention to reliability (high quality manufactured model mustn’t have an unpleasant odor); acryl layer must not be less than 6-8 mm.

Installation of the bath is not complex operation for us, as our specialists have all necessary skills and many yeras of experience, as well as modern tools and equipment.

Sometimes it is very difficult to select the proper model, bath aterial, functionality and design. Specialists of Server Service Company are always at your services!

Rules of bath installation

  • Bath is always must be installed on the level surface
  • Installation of the bath is a final operation in the bathroom. So, you will avoid the enamel damage
  • As a rule, the bath is equipped with necessary details for installation. However, the use of these details is not always the best option. So, if the steel bath is made of thick metal, later the enamel in attaching points is cracked.
  • Several types of baths (as a rule design models) are equipped with beautiful legs. Installation of such bath is not complex operation: it is necessary to install it on a level surface and connect it to the canalization.