RefCompRefComp Leonardo Selection 1.8.1 is the software developed by RefComp Company. It will help you to select a compressor of necessary capacity, manufactured by this Company.

RefComp Company is one of the leading manufacturers of compressors for refrigeration systems. The Company was founded in 1991 and began to produce the most high-teck solutions.

Company produces semihermetic screw compressors of the motor capacity up to 390 HP, semihermetic piston compressors and piston compressors of open type.

This program has detailed technical characteristics of all compressors produced by the Company (including invertor compressors with fine regulation of efficiency). This program is also equipped with the system of automatic compressor selection, compressors sketches with he indidcation of all necessary dimensions, as well as performance diagrams for each model of the compreesor.

RefComp Leonardo Selection RefComp Leonardo SelectionRefComp Leonardo Selection

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