Кондиционер Galanz - расположение плазменного фильтра и дезодоратораRepair of air conditioners for split systems. If your split system has broken, do not try to fix it by yourself. You can, of course, remove and clean the filters and the drainage pipe, and in some cases this will be enough, but it is only to find out the cause of the air conditioner breakdown and to clean it only by a qualified specialist who has experience in repairing air conditioners in Uzbekistan.

You may wonder “why in Uzbekistan?” – the answer is in the climate of our country. You will be surprised, but in many countries of Europe there is practically no such thing as dust! Masters of repair of split systems in these countries simply did not face with dust-related malfunctions (dust clogs the radiator of split system outdoor unit, preventing necessary heat exchange).

The high temperature of the air in the street is also a common cause of air conditioner breakdown in our country. On summer heat days, the outdoor unit of the split system receives direct sunlight, can be heated to 60-70°C, even when switched off. When the air conditioner is used for cooling, the temperature of the outdoor unit is increased even more – working such kind of compressor modes is significantly reduced and it breaks down in time.

The specialists of Server Service company have a huge experience of repairing air conditioners and know all possible malfunctions. We will diagnose your split system and identify all problems completely free of charge (of course, if you agree to repair them at our place), we give a guarantee for the repair of air conditioners in Tashkent and beyond the city.Мы лучшие, кто чинит сплит-системы в Узбекистане!

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