Turkish refrigerators BEKO are very popular among among customers due to its affordable price. They have a compact design and economical operation. If your refrigerator BEKO is broken, call Server Service Company.

Advantages of our company
– Our masters are experts at their job with great experience, knowledge and skills.
– Repair is carried out with the use of the best tools and equipment.
– All unrepairable parts are replaced by high quality parts, which are recommended by manufacturers.

Service center Server Service provides a guarantee for repair of BEKO refrigerators.

Common causes of malfunctions of BEKO refrigerators

Clog of cooling system. The cause of the clog is low-quality motor oil that leads to the malfunction of motor-compressor.

When the clog of cooling system occurs, the refrigeration chamber stops cooling, but freezing chamber continues functioning. If motor-compressor is broken, the temperature in the freezing chamber is not below than 0oС – +5oС.

Make the application for the repair of the refigeration BEKO. Call us! Applications for the repair of refrigerators BEKO are accepted by telephone numbers: +998 (71) 207-33-32

When you live the application for the repair of refrigerator BEKO, please specify:
– Manufacturer and model (for example: Beko CN 332102);– Your address and telephone number;
– Signs of the equipment malfunctions.

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