Today it is very difficult to imagine the life of modern person without a refrigerator. Dsespite, the most modern refrigerators are made of high-tech technologies, sometimes it is broken and need the maintenance or rush repair.

Ther are several causes why it is better to choose Server Service Company for the repair of  refrigerators:

  • free call master;
  • specialist on-site visit;
  • our specialists will come at any time and place convenient for you

Refrigerators, assembled in Bork factory, are distinguished by high quality of assemblage. Due to a large variety of refrigerators, you will undoubtedly find the proper model in accordance with your requirements and wishes. Technical equipment of each manufacturer has its own properties. Bork equipment is no exeption. That’s why the repair of Bork refrigerators must be implemented by specialists who have a great experience in this field of activity.

Our company is engaged in a rush repair and we provide the guarantee of quality for all implemented services:

  1. Our specialists have many years of experience in the field of repair of refrigerators;
  2. Specialists of our service center have all necessary tools and consumable materials in order to carry out the repair of refrigerators in your house;
  3. You will be always pleased with the result of our services.

Our specialists carry out the repair of Bork refrigerators of any complexity. We provide a full range of repair works. Due to a great experience of our masters, we quickly detrmine the cause of malfunction and eliminate it.

Minor repair means the replacement of power cord and doors regulation.

3 10Repair of refrigerators of medium complexity includes the replacement of thermostat, evaporator, repair of fan’s motor, startup protection relay or control board  and indication.

General repair includes the repalacement of condenser, compressor, evaporator, filter-dryer, elimination of capillary tube clog or refilling of refrigerator with coolant, as well as the repair and «No Frost» system setting.

Contact Server Service Company and call the refrigerator repair master. We repair all the types and brands of refrigerators in Tashkent and Tashkent region.