Repair of cassette air conditioners

Установка кассетных кондиционеровToday, many people when choose an air conditioner stop at the cassette air conditioners. The solution is quite understandable – after all, when you buy a cassette air conditioner you do not need to think about how optimally it will fit into your interior. But what if you need to repair this air conditioner? The best solution is to contact Server Service. Qualified masters of our company quickly and efficiently eliminate any breakdowns of your air conditioner.

Below is information on possible breakdown of cassette conditioners

Wrong exploitation. Often it is incorrect operation that causes breakdowns of varying degrees of complexity;

Incorrect installation. Incorrectly conducted installation helps to increase the level of vibration of the air conditioner. Under the influence of these vibrations, the internal parts, and the air conditioner mechanisms wear out much faster than it should be. Accordingly, very soon after such installation, many of them require replacement, no matter how good your air conditioner is;

Ремонт кассетных кондиционеров

Voltage jump in electrical network. This phenomenon negatively affects absolutely all electrical devices. However, it is one thing, when the result of such a jump is the burnout of the iron and quite another – the burning of the cassette air conditioner. Iron, of course, is a necessary thing, that’s just the cost of these two devices are fundamentally different. In order not to lose your air conditioner, it is recommended to invest a small amount of money and install network filters;

Drainage system clogging;

No maintenance/poor quality maintenance. If there is no timely maintenance, the air conditioner becomes clogged. Dirt under the influence of moisture turns into a dense mass, which is very difficult to clean. But it is an extremely favorable environment for the reproduction of a wide variety of bacteria and microbes. In addition, the dirt settles on the internal mechanisms of the air conditioner and spreads through the room together with the cooled air. However, it should always be remembered that TM conducted by a self-taught master can cause more damage to the air conditioner than its absence.

So where should I go to be sure that the repair of the cassette air conditioner due to the features of its design and installation will be made qualitatively and quickly?

Contact Server Service and we will solve all your problems related to the repair of the cassette air conditioner. All our specialists have a huge experience in the field of repair of cassette air conditioners and therefore, can guarantee a qualitative and quick elimination of breakages of any complexity. Do you need air conditioning repair in Tashkent or Tashkent region? Call us: +998 (71) 207-33-32