“SERVER-SERVICE” company performs repair and maintenance of air conditioners and ventilation systems. The company produces both one-time maintenance and long-term maintenance. Company’s specialists will accurately determine the causes of malfunctions, replace the faulty parts and repair the air conditioner qualitatively.

Ремонт канального кондиционераRepairers of “SERVER-SERVICE” company perform high-quality and inexpensive repair of channel air conditioners, replace electrical boards, compressors, heat exchangers, fans, freon and electric circuits, etc. Also, the employees of “SERVER-SERVICE” service center will eliminate freon leakage and will refuel your channel air conditioner.

Ducted air conditioners are designed for air conditioning of several rooms at once. The channel air conditioner is primarily designed for operation in the recirculation mode, the indoor units of channel air conditioners are installed behind the suspended ceiling and have a simpler design, since they are not presented with any design requirements, unlike other split systems. The outdoor unit has more powerful fan, which allows to overcome the resistance of distribution ducts and fence.

Special electric or water heaters must be installed for providing year-round supply of fresh air in addition to the ducted air conditioner. Heaters installation should be handled only by qualified personnel, otherwise it can lead to rapid deterioration and failure of air conditioning systems.

Also, you can view the error codes for channel conditioners, which can help you repair your air conditioner by following this link.

The cost of consumables and spare parts for your air conditioner, which were replaced during the repair, is paid separately. Preventive (technical) works are not included in repair cost, and are evaluated separately, depending on volume of performed work.

Contact “SERVER-SERVICE” company, and our specialists will make competent and high-quality repair of your channel air-conditioner in strictly specified period of time, at a time that will be convenient for you.


Also you can choose repair of air conditioners of any other brand: