«Server Service» company performs fast and high-quality repair of floor-ceiling air conditioners of any manufacturer. Departure of qualified specialist guarantees qualitative diagnostics and repair of your climatic equipment. Our specialists always have all professional tools necessary for installing and repairing floor air conditioner. Our masters have deep knowledge and experience of repairing floor air conditioners in Uzbekistan, we will eliminate any malfunction.

Sometimes unqualified specialists, failing to detect a malfunction, are simply limited for installing a new filter and refueling the air conditioner with freon, such measures are short-lived and your air conditioner will soon stop working again.

The need to repair a floor split system is most often associated with: factory rejection, failure to comply with transportation conditions, improper installation or misuse (untimely maintenance, etc.).

The main types of floor split systems repair, which are performed by our company, are: replacement of the compressor; Full replacement of freon (freon changes its properties and we do not recommend doing partial refueling); Repair of air conditioning control system and fans of indoor and outdoor unit.

Process of repairing floor split systems depends on many factors. These factors include the power and design of air conditioner, the repaired part and much more. All spare parts, materials and parts, of which air conditioning is made, our company specialists are ready to repair or replace in the shortest time with a guarantee of quality.

Also you can view the error codes for floor and ceiling air conditioners, which can help you to repair your air conditioner by following this link.

Ordering repair of floor and ceiling air conditioners in “SERVER-SERVICE” company, you get significant discounts for the next preventive maintenance of your air conditioner.

Our company performs repair of floor split systems in Tashkent, and beyond of the city – call us and we will come to you!


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