139418Gorenje is one of the popular companies of manufacturers of refrigerators in Europe. In the course of our activity this company has made a good showing and demand for the products Gorenje is increased every year.

Gorenje refrigerators have austhetic design, high quality and reliability. Most of the models Gorenje are equipped with different systems of reliability and consume low electric energy.

Despite all advantages of Gorenje refrigerators, they are broken sooner or later.

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The most common causes of malfunctions of Gorenje refrigerators

  1. The refrigerator is turned off after turning off
  2. The equipment is not turned off
  3. Snow and ice formation inside the chamber
  4. The equipment operates but the temperature is not reduced
  5. High noise level during the operation
  6. Inside or outside water accumulation

The causes of malfunctions:

  1. Compressor breakage
  2. Malfunction of control board
  3. “Super-freezing” function is activated
  4. The door is closed not tightly, the light is not turned off, when the door is closed
  5. Coolant leak
  6. Temperature regulator is broken
  7. Cog of drain system
  8. “No Frost” system malfunction

Repair of Gorenje refrigerators in Tashkent

In order to avoid the repair of refrigerators, it is necessary to read and understand the manual. During the transportation, don’t bend the refrigerator more than 40 degrees, as it can lead to oil leak from compressor.

If you need the repair of Gorenje refrigerators, we will help you to solve this unplesant problem.

Specialists of Server Service Company have many years of experience in he field of repair of refrigerators of different manufacturers both household and industrial purposes. So, we can eliminate any malfunction.

We carry out free diagnostics providing the repair is implemented by our specialists. Server Service Company provides a guarantee for all implemented services!