Repair of refrigerators and freezing chambers is a complex operation that requires special skills and experience, as well as necessary equipment.

Service center SERVER SERVICE povides the services of the repair of refrigerators of all brands and models. We offer both usual and rush repair of household refrigerators and freezing chambers.

Specialists will come at any time and place convenient for you. We will carry out the diagnostics of malfunction in your presence and repair it without trasportation to the sevice center.

Our masters have many years of experience in the field of the repair of refrigeration equipment.

Main advantages of service center Server Service:

  • high qualified masters;
  • affordable prices for the repair;
  • quick duration of works.

We provide a guarantee for all implemented services and individual approach for each customer.

We also cooperate with social, medical and ommercial enterprises on mutually beneficial terms.

Trust the repair of your refrigerator the professional specialists of Server Service and we will eliminate all the malfunctions asap.

Prices for the repair of refrigerators are indicated without the cost of component parts.

Service center Server Service doesn’t carry out the repair of the union production.

We provide the quality for all implemented services.