i 0Each owner of air conditioner sooner or later run into a problem, such as repair of this high tech equipment. The most common cause of air conditioner malfucntion is incorrect operation. It leads to the premature wear of details and mechanisms of air conditioner. Compressor is one of the main part, so its breakage causes the functional loss of the whole equipment. What should you do if compressor is broken?

Causes of malfunction of air conditioner compressor

The most common causes of this detail malfunction is:

  • Overheating
  • Incorrect installation
  • Clog of mechanisms
  • Incorrect operation

The necessity of compressor replacement can be determined before the complete functional loss of the equipment. Compressor status can be determined by means of oil.

Dark oil with burnt odor means often heating of compressor.

Oil with green colour means a large quantity of copper salt.

It is important! Hermetic type of compressor is unrepairable.

In case of compressor malfunction, it is better to carry out its replacement. Compressor replacement will provide a longer service life of air conditioner, rather than its repair. Take into account that indepndent replacement of compressor makes the situation worse.

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