i 0Sooner or later, each owner of air conditioner is faced with the need of repair of this high tech unit. Generally, one of the main causes of malfucntios is an incorrect operation. As a rule, it leads to premature wear of details and mechanisms of air conditioner.

Causes of air conditioner compressor malfunction

Incorrect installation and clog of system and mechanisms lead to overheating. The need for replacement of compressor is determined before its complete functional loss. The status of compressor of your air conditioner is determined by the oil colour.

Dark oil with burnt odor signs frequent overheating of compressor. Oil with green color indicates the presence of copper salt. This oil has also a high acidity.

In most cases it is better to carry out the compressor replacement instead of its repair. Take into account that independent replacement of compressor can make the situation worse. It is better to contact service center for repair of air conditioners. Server Service Company is glad to offer you the services for compressors replacement of different models and brands. Do you need the replacement of air conditioners compresor in Tashkent and Tashkent region? Just contact us!

Specialist on-site visit is carried out within a day of the request’s arrival!

Our specialists provide a warranty certificate for all implemented services and parts quality. We also guarantee competitive price for represented details and maintenance.

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