kiapanFour way valve is installed in air conditioners of the reverse type. Such air conditioners are more known as climatic installations “winter-summer”. During the system operation in the condition of intensive heating, this valve changes the freon movement direction in the system. During this process the internal and external units of air conditioner perform different functions. It means that the internal unit begin to heat, while the external unit performs the functions of cooling.

Malfunctions of four way valve

The first cause of four way valve malfunction is the operation of air conditioner in one condition. In this case the air conditioner can independently change operating conditions.

If you noticed one of these symptoms during the operation of air conditioner, turn it off immediately.

When the for way valve is broken, it is not desirable to turn on the air conditioner. This is due to the fact that the valve can jam in intermediate position. It is in turn leads to the quick compressor breakage. In this case the cpressor is unrepairable.

That’s why it is recommended to make the use of specilaists services. The replacement, carried out by unexperienced specialist, can cause the repeated malfunction, consequently additional financial expenses.

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