Four-way valve is installed in reversible type of air conditioners. Among consumers such air conditioners are better known as climatic installations “winter-summer”. During system operation in the intensive heating mode, this valve changes the trajectory of freon motion in system. In this process, the outdoor and indoor unit of the air conditioner begin to perform tasks directly opposite to their original purpose. This means that the indoor unit starts to work on heating, while the outdoor unit is cooling.

Four-way valve breakages

Incorrect operation of four-way valve can be determined by yourself. More precisely, to identify it, there is no necessity – in this case, the air conditioner will work only in one mode. Also, the air conditioner can change the operating modes independently.

If you notice that your air conditioner suddenly began to behave itself this way – immediately turn it off.

Operation of air conditioner with incorrectly operating four-way valve is not possible for the following reason:

The valve can simply wedge in an intermediate position. This will lead to an early breakdown of compressor. In this case, the repair of air conditioner will be unprofitable.

So, it is recommended not to waste time and to get help from a specialist. However, not every master can be entrusted with such a procedure as the replacement of the four-way valve. A replacement carried out by a specialist who does not have the appropriate qualifications, which can result in a repeated breakdown – and, respectively – repeated costs.

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