If water is drained slowly from your washing machine, it is very dangerous situation as you risk to flood your neighbours.

There are two causes of this malfunction: either the drain filter is clogged or pump is broken. Pump malfunction occurs because of foreign objects. The other cause of pump malfunction is the scale of electric heating tube. That’s why, always check your pockets before washing and use water softener that prevents scale formation.

If your washing machine’s pump is broken, call master immediately. Don’t try to open the door of your washing machine, you can damage the door lock mechanism. It is also not recommended to dismantle the washing machine independently. It will make the situation worse. Our masters have a great experience in the field of repair of industrial and household washing machines. We will eliminate pump malfunction or carry out its replacement.

Contact the specialists of Server Service Company and you will provide a trouble-free operation of your washing machine and extend its service life. We also provide a warranty certificate for all implemented services. If your washing machine breakes during the warranty period, we will repair it for free!

Specialists of Server Service Company will carry out the most qualitative repair of washing machines in Tashkent.

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