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Copper pipe, annealed in the bunch

Tube packing meets all international standards. Each bunch is packed in barrier bag. Bunches are packed in carton box that allows to avoid damages during the transportation.

“Infinity Copper Group” Company is a leading supplier of high quality copper pipes in Central Asia. We offer high quality and reliable products. Copper pipes of “Infinity Copper Group” are made in accordance with standards and meet all necessary requirements of equipment quality in Uzbekistan. All the products “Infinity Copper Group” are manufactured from the purest raw of mineral origin.

Main technical and chemical features of copper pipes:

  • chemical composistion of the raw meets the brand of MooK copper;
  • copper min. – 99,9% (including silver), phosphorus – 0,015-0,040%;

Our company provides the supply of copper pipes “Infinity Copper Group” of the following standards:

  • conditioning/refrigeration copper pipe (EN 12735-1 / ASTM B 280)
  • sanitary engineering copper pipe (GOST 617-2006)
  • copper pipe of general purpose (TSh 64-22626622-01:2010).“Infinity Copper Group”


  • water supply pipes
  • gas copper pipe
  • copper pipes for heating, air conditioners, refrigerators
  • copper pipe for industrial unit

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