Scheme 1: Air drying in pool without ventilation.

Осушение воздуха в бассейне без использования вентиляции

Dehumidification is carried out with help of wall-mounted dehumidifiers. Such a system is characterized by comparatively low efficiency, it is able to arrange an increased level of humidity from the air, but does not ensure the flow of fresh air into the pool. To dehumidify air, even in a small pool, there are installed from 2 to 5 wall-mounted dehumidifiers.


Scheme 2: Channel air dehumidifiers, combined with ventilation system of the pool.

Вентиляция бассейна. Канальные осушители воздуха совмещённые с системой приточной вентиляции бассейна

Ducted dehumidifiers are installed in technical room, and air for denunciation is taken through the duct system. Such a drying device allows you to mix fresh air taken from the street to the dried air. Separate exhaust system is used to remove excess air from pool area.


Scheme 3: Duct dryers with supply and exhaust ventilation function of the pool.

Вентиляция бассейна в Узбекистане. Канальные осушители воздуха с функцией приточно-вытяжной вентиляции бассейна

Humidifiers of this type are installed in separate room. They are usually used with supply and exhaust ventilation system and allow to carry out air exchange. One installation is used as fresh air supply (up to 50% from general volume of air in the swimming pool). It also removes a part of air with high content of carbon dioxide.


Scheme 4: A set of separate intake, exhaust ventilation systems of the pool and a separate dryer.

Вентиляция бассейна при помощи отдельных приточных и вытяжных систем с использованием отдельного осушителя

In this case the separate supply and exhaust ventilation system is installed with air ducts in the swimming pool premise. That’s why air input is carried out in the low part of the room. It is also necessary to install the exhaust ventilation with fresh air intake and also the wall air dryer.


Scheme 5: Supply and exhaust ventilation system of pool and separate wall-mounted air dehumidifier.

Приточно-вытяжная система вентиляции бассейна и отдельный осушитель воздуха

Monoblock supply and exhaust ventilation system removes only a part of excess humidity. It doesn’t give a desire effect. There are no problems when such installation is used with wall air dryer, which maintains a necessary level of humidity.

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