Solid fuel classic boiler

Classic solid fuel boiler.
Design and operation principle

Installation of a solid-fuel classic boiler will require careful compliance with all requirements, including the height and internal section of chimney. The parameters of the chimney will depend on the type and power of the boiler. Finally, they are determined according to manual maintenance for particular boiler.

An important circumstance is the possibility of further connecting the gas. The boiler can be both with one circuit, and with several, it is also possible to use a single-circuit boiler with boiler connection. Solid-fuel classic boilers for the construction of the furnace can be of steel and cast iron, which must also be taken into account before installation – the material varies in weight. Boilers can be installed either on a screed – a hard base, or directly on the foundation.

Installation of classic solid fuel boiler must be carried out in compliance with safety requirements. Mandatory requirement – ventilation and chimney equipment in the room where the boiler is mounted. Within one hour, the air exchange must pass three times, without taking into account the air that will be required for combustion. This room is prohibited from flammable storing, and explosive substances. Then the installation of classical solid fuel boiler should be carried out by the method of placing the boiler on a refractory basis – a metal sheet with a thickness of up to 0.6 mm or asbestos board not less than half a centimeter in thickness. Before the boiler itself, a metal sheet with a size of at least 0.5 x 0.7 m is fixed to the floor.

The boiler must be installed at a distance of not less than half a meter from the combustible structures. The passage between the front side of the boiler and the opposite wall should not be less than one meter for normal maintenance of the unit. The gaps in the chimney and chimney connections after connection must be filled with clay mortar or any other heat-resistant sealant to avoid a fire hazard situation or unsatisfactory operation of the boiler equipment. When installing as a sealing material for threaded joints, it is desirable to use linen thread with impregnation from zinc white on linseed oil or lead tar, and also a tape of FUM. Other methods of sealing the threaded joints are also permissible, which can guarantee tightness of the joint.

Installation of a classic solid fuel boiler should only be carried out by a specialist!

It is forbidden to use water from the heating system for household needs in order to avoid the failure of the boiler, the heating system and automatic safety systems (the thermowell of the water temperature regulator may be corroded).
Boiling water in the heating boiler and heating system is prohibited, the water temperature at the outlet from the boiler should not exceed 90 degrees. If there is a knocking in the system – due to the formation of steam, hydraulic shocks have started, – the heat from the furnace must be removed.
Cleaning the boiler camera can only be done after it has completely cooled down.


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