Split systems installation. Today it is hard to imagine a person’s dwelling without an air conditioner. Monoblocks and a variety of split-systems – without them, human life would b less comfortable than today. At the same time, 88% of the most purchased air conditioners today are split-systems.

Server-Service company will perform maintenance of air-conditioners in Tashkent and Tashkent region.

Order conditioner’s installation and you will get:

  • High quality and installation works and processed materials;
  • Affordable prices for our specialists services;
  • Respectful attitude from our masters side;
  • Operative reaction to the inquiry;


Split systems advantages:
– low noise level;
– Pleasant design and compact dimensions of indoor unit;
– Electrical control system;
– Flexibility when placing an indoor unit;
– No capacity limitations.
Disadvantages of split systems:
– Automatical system of climate control;
– High cost;
– Need for qualified installation;
– High cost of installation;- Failure to supply fresh air into the room.


Installation of split systems, in fact, is not too complicated process, however, it is not recommended to produce it by yourself. Self-made installation of split system is in most cases done incorrectly, in the future this saving attempt will lead to the following consequences: the air conditioner will start to emit uncharacteristic noises and quickly overheat. Also, internal parts and mechanisms will quickly deteriorate. In turn, all these consequences will inevitably lead to a breakdown, which might not have occurred if you had turned in time to our service center “Server-Servis” for repair and installation of air conditioners. Qualified masters of our company guarantee you a qualitative installation of a split-system in Tashkent and Tashkent region. Installation of the split system implemented by the specialists of “Server-servis” is a guarantee of quality, and not only verbal. Having ordered the installation from us, you will receive a warranty card. In addition, we offer all our customers:

  • The lowest prices in Uzbekistan market;
  • Service efficiency;
  • Departure of master and installation of split-system which is made directly on the day of inquiry;
  • Qualitative installation of split-systems with guarantee;
  • High-class service;
  • Competent consultations of our specialists regarding further operation; Installed split system;
  • The possibility of both cash and non-cash types of calculation.

Монтаж кондиционера в Ташкенте Монтаж кондиционеров в Ташкенте Установка кондиционера в Ташкенте Монтаж кондиционера

Even wisemen said that greedy pays twice. You do not have to pay twice for the installation (and therefore – for dismantling) of the split system. There is no need also to buy a new split system because the “old one” broke down due to incorrect installation. Just contact us and forget about unscrupulous masters and premature breakages.

“Server-Servis” is always at your service – do not save on installing your split-system.

Price list for installation of air conditioners for cash

Price list for installation of air conditioners by bank transfer