The conditioner is such equipment which demands nice care and can break, if there was no care. Water will start to drip, it will start to rustle, crackle, filters blacken, in general, the air conditioner will begin to show its dissatisfaction in every possible way. Server Service will help you to extend the pleasure that you have gained from buying an air conditioner.
Чистка внутреннего блока сплит-системы в Узбекистане

Service Center “Server Service” offers you its maintenance services for split-system air conditioners of any brand and any capacity. The specialists of our company carry out the whole complex of works connected with the service maintenance of the split-system contractors both in the apartment, office, and in the commercial or industrial premises.

In conditions of active operation it is necessary to carry out diagnostics, cleaning and preventive maintenance of all units of conditioners of split systems at least once every six months. We recommend performing maintenance of your air conditioner before active operation and after that, every spring and autumn.

Also it is necessary to conduct maintenance of air conditioners of split systems after a long period of air-conditioning system stagnation, because the filters in large quantities accumulate various pathogenic bacteria, dust and dirt. Timely preventive maintenance of your air conditioner will increase its service life and prevent sudden breakdowns.

Server Service takes care of your health and financial condition, therefore, advises you to entrust the maintenance of air conditioners in Uzbekistan to real professionals.

Prices for air-conditioners maintenance

* Depending on the number of air conditioners and individual conditions, discounts can be granted, as well as changes in standard maintenance schemes for your split-system air conditioners.