Principle of vacuum collector operation

Vacuum collectors represent several tubes, located one inside of another. A vacuum interlayer is located between the outer glass and inner copper tubes. The sun’s rays passing through the glass tube and vacuum heat the inner copper tube. A layer of vacuum transmits the light energy of the sun’s rays, but at the same time it prevents the passage of thermal energy from the copper tube into the environment.

A special liquid is injected inside of copper tube, which boils even with a slight heating. After boiling, the vapor of the liquid rises up to upper part of the tube. The upper part of the tube is inserted by sealed end into the central block of solar collector, along which water circulates. The steam gives heat to the circulating water, condenses and descends to the bottom of the copper tube – this process is repeated again and again.

Advantages of vacuum collectors

Vacuum collectors can heat water in heat storage tank till 80-100°C. There is a very hot summer in Uzbekistan, and you need to get rid of excess heat in the solar collector system. We recommend you to use an absorption-type chiller, which uses heat of the solar collector, will cool your house.

In the climate of Uzbekistan, the heating system with solar collectors will be effective all year round. In order to warm up your house even in the coldest and cloudiest days, solar collectors are used together with a heat-accumulating tank – the heat collected on sunny days is spent on heating the house at night and on cloudy days. In case of prolonged rainy cloudy weather (more than 3-5 consecutive days), which is rare in Uzbekistan, solar heating systems offered by our company are equipped with a backup water heating system (gas, electric or diesel) – this solution gives you uninterrupted heating , regardless of nature’s vagaries.


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