bo vestaVentilation air handling units of BO-VESTA type. BO-VESTA is a supply and exhaust ventilation unit with heat recovery equipped with a high-efficiency counter-current heat exchanger (BO-VESTA-1) and cross-type heat exchanger (BO-VESTA-2,3,4). The equipment has a self-supporting body without the use of aluminum profiles, which helped to eliminate heat bridges. The installation is small in size, and thanks to used design the device is simple for installation and operation. The range of BO-VESTA installations provides air flow rates from 400 to 3800 m3/h. The plug & play function affects the greater economy of operation and time during installation. Due to the connection of channels on top of the equipment, the whole installation takes up considerably less space. BO-VESTA is equipped with G4 filters on the inflow and on the hood, as well as a water or electric heater. Used fans with direct drive ensure quiet and efficient operation; There is a possibility of execution of equipment with EC fans (electronically switched). Internal execution.


 Ventilation air handling units for air-conditioning systems of BO-VESTA type

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