Ventilation and heating

Duct heaters (heaters) are devices designed to increase the air temperature in a room. The basis of the structure is a tubular channel through which water, air or steam circulates. They are used in conjunction with ventilation. Heaters, depending on the method of heat transfer, are divided into 2 types – electric and water. In the first case, heating elements are used as heat dissipation elements, in the second – a centralized heating system. Our company specializes in the delivery, installation and repair of the following types of heaters.

Round electric heaters PBEC (Polar Bear)

PBEC duct heaters are made of galvanized steel and stainless steel (heating parts). Designed for ducts with a circular cross section. During installation, it is important to take into account the direction of the air, which is indicated by the arrows on the lid of the device. In this case, the air must be evenly distributed throughout the entire section. The heater can be installed both vertically and horizontally.

Rectangular electric heaters PBEC (Polar Bear)

The electric heaters are made of galvanized steel. Designed for ducts with a rectangular cross section. They are equipped with a two-stage overheating protection system. The first option involves an automatic restart (at temperatures above 55 ° C), the second – manual start (at temperatures above 120 ° C). Pulser or TTC controllers are used to control the power. The minimum operating speed is 1.5 meters per second. The heater can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Water heaters PBAS (Polar Bear)

These heaters are designed to work with rectangular ducts. They are made of galvanized steel. The battery is made of copper pipes with aluminum fins (pitch – 2.5 mm). Water heaters are equipped with thyristor regulators, an immersion sensor, monitoring and frost protection systems. The heaters undergo a high-pressure crimping procedure, which eliminates the appearance of substandard devices.

Installation of heaters should be entrusted to professionals! Call the Server-Service company! Our staff will help you choose the optimal heater model, install it if necessary and advise you on the configuration of the supply ventilation and its proper operation.

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