Ventilation inflow and exhaust systems of OKEANOS type


OKEANOS installations are supply and exhaust ventilation devices designed for drying and ventilation of all types of premises in closed swimming pools. The series consists of 8 sizes, providing an air productivity range from 1000 to 35000 m3/h. Structural materials used for the construction of installations, as well as internal units for processing and pumping air, are characterized by increased corrosion resistance. Equipping pool units with a heat pump significantly increases the heat recovery ratio, and also allows air to be dehumidified during the summer, when an inflow of 100% fresh air does not provide the necessary humidity. An additional advantage of using a heat pump in the pool equipment is the possibility of heat recovery from the exhaust air and transfer it to heat the water in the pool. These exchangers are made of corrosion-resistant materials. Central ventilation units of OKEANOS type are equipped as standard with an automatic control and power system.

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Ventilation inflow and exhaust systems for air conditioning systems OKEANOS 3 type

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