Ventilation of private house (when the attic is used as billiard room, swimming pool or residential premise and the garage is the main part of any modern house). It is necessary, because the buildings built in accordance with modern standards, are equipped with high quality insulation. You can ask: “If I need the ventilation system for my small private house?”. May be you think: “I can open a window for fresh air supply”. It is not desirable to open the window in summer when the air conditioner is on, as it leads to functional loss of the compressor.

Modern ventilation systems of private houses are equipped with the heat recuperator which keeps the heat inside the house in winter. Natural circulation of air is not available for all premises – some rooms (bathrooms, storerooms and attics) can’t be aired without the use of ventilation system.

Ventilation system will also help you to get rid off the allergic disease. As a rule, there are filters in the ventilation unit which will not allow the dust and other small bacteriums enter your house. It is wise to change the filters than to clean the furniture from the dust every day.

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