Wall mounted gas boilers Navien Ace Atmo are equipped with an open combustion camera, to remove combustion products you can use the existing chimney in the room or withdraw directly through the wall. Boiler piping can be done from any side, it is very convenient if the installation of the boiler Navien Ace Atmo has to be done in a confined space. The compactness of the boiler is also its advantage.

You can buy heating boilers Navien Ace Atmo in our company in Tashkent. This equipment can work
even with low water and gas pressure, and also works well for power fluctuations. So, Navien Ace Atmo
heating boilers are perfectly adapted to work in our country.

NAVIEN Ace ATMO 20A equipment:

• Built-in circulating pump, closed expansion tank, automatic air vent, automatic adjustable overflow valve, safety valve.
• is adapted to low gas pressure and stably operates at a low pressure of 4 mbar.
• Built-in voltage regulator
• The boiler is resistant to freezing pipes in circuit due to the control system of the room’s temperature background.
• It is equipped with electronic air pressure sensor APS, which reduces the gas consumption and ensures stable combustion of gas.
•The boiler is equipped with a remote control and room sensor and liquid crystal display, which looks very similar to European analogues.
• The boiler is equipped with gas fittings manufactured by Japanese TIME company.
• Warranty: 2 years.


  Technical parameters Navien Ace13A Navien Ace16A Navien Ace 20А Navien Ace 24А
  Category II2H3P
  Execution BlIBS
  Purpose Heating (HV) and water heating for economic needs (DHW)
  Fuel Nature gas/Liquid gas
  Efficiency % 80-86
  Heating capacity   Heating HV kW 9-13 9-16 9-20 9-24
  DHW 16 16 24 24
  Heating square m2 till 130 till 160 till 200 till 240
  Heating temperature HV °С 40-80
  Working pressure HV   Min bar 0.6
  Max 3.0
  Heated water temperature in DHW system °С 30-60
  Working water pressure in  DHW system   min bar 0.6
  max 8.0
   DHW capacity   ΔТ 25°С l/min 9.2 13.7
  ΔТ 40°С l/min 5.7 8.6
  Gas consumption (min/max)  nature gas m³/hour 0.98/1.33 0.98/1.65 0.98/2.06 0.98/2.47
 liquid gas kg/hour 0.85/1.16 0.85/1.43 0.85/1.79 0.85/2.15
  Inlet gas pressure  nature gas mBar 8 – 18
 liquid gas 23 – 33
  Electric parameters  voltage and frequency V/Hz 220/50
 power consumption Wt 110
 Chimney diameter mm 130
  Burnt products temperature °С 110 – 125
  connecting dimenstions   HV mm (inch) 20(3/4″)
  DHW 15(1/2″)
  gas 15(1/2″)
  Sizes (HeightхWidthхDepth) mm 720 х 430 х 340
  Weight (without water) kg 26 27