The main feature in the design and installation of ventilation for warehouses is their high saturation with various auxiliary equipment, which consists of rack structures that fill the warehouse building practically throughout the entire area. In addition, a high level of application means mechanization of technological operations for servicing and relocation of warehoused objects what is typical for warehouses, which introduces additional difficulties in organizing an effective ventilation system for the warehouse.

If we consider ventilation scheme of warehouse through the prism of modern classification of premises ventilation systems, then the warehouse facilities should be classified as the disruption of industrial premises with equipment of high capacity. In this case, the main requirement for the development of the warehouse ventilation project will maximally uniform distribution of temperature indicators at each point in the warehouse.

And most importantly, what needs to be achieved in development and installation of ventilation for the warehouse is the selection and arrangement of ventilation equipment, which will not have vertical temperature differences in distribution of air flows. This condition is extremely important, since we are talking about safety of material assets placed in a warehouse.

Sanitary norms and rules (SNaR) provided for installation of system warehouse of natural general ventilation with an air exchange value. But this value can be changed in case if there are any special requirements for warehouse ventilation.

The main task in warehouse development of ventilation project is to provide such an air replacement, in which the air composition parameters will fully meet all the requirements that are imposed on storage conditions of certain types of goods or products.

So, if it is a question for warehouses ventilation and storehouses of agricultural production, such buildings are equipped with a mechanical supply and natural exhaust ventilation systems. The supply ventilation supplies outside of warehouse with external air directly to storage areas of agricultural products. Exhaust ventilation of warehouse takes used air from the whole room through the exhaust ducts, which are located in the space above the roof and are arranged in the form of ventilation shafts.

Thus, the natural ventilation of warehouses is often used to solve the problems of air ventilation in warehouses.
Installation of warehouse ventilation should be carried out in full accordance with the design documentation and requirements of SNaR. The guarantee of quality installation and successful operation of ventilation in the warehouse is complete and timely warehouse completion with all necessary materials, products and equipment for ventilation.

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