Washing machines repair master

Income level: Piece-rate
Work type: Full time work
Work place: Work of traveling nature
Official duties: Repair, installation of washing machines with a visit to customer’s address. Ability to determine software and hardware damages. Replacing components are required.
Requirements for a candidate
Age: Doesn’t matter
Gender: Male
Education: Not lower than secondary, secondary-special
Personal car: Desirable
Qualification requirements: Work experience no less than a year, in the position of performing capital repairs


622b  In our work we rely on 3 basic values:

1. Desire for high quality and self-improvement.

2. Respect for people and society

3. No bad habits that can disturb working.


We ask applicants to send CV with information about themselves to our email: server-service@mail.ru or fill out “online” CV on our website.

 For more detailed information, please call us by telephone numbers listed in the section “Contacts