0 0Such blessings of civilization as electric power supply, heating, cold and hot water supply has become ingrained in our everiday lives, providing  comfortable living of a modern person. Most of new buildings are equipped with all necessary comunication lines on the construction stage, so you will not have to worry about hot and cold water supply. However, the owners of cottages, private houses and other residential objects which are not connected to engineering utility networks, solve this problem independently.

Server Service offers a full range of services and effective solutions that allow to provide the residential houses with hot water. The best option is the water heater installation, provided by our company. Our specialists will carry out the calculation of water demand, after which we will offer more economical, reliable model of water heater.

Tankless water heaters

Models of this type are distinguished by compact size and small weight. Installation of water heater is quite easy. The models, operated on electricity and natural gas, are the most popular models.

Installation of water heater is a quite easy and doesn’t require special agreement and permission. It is connected by means of protective automatics by separate electric cable.

Storage water heaters

blue wawedigital302d 01There are three types of such water heaters: floor, wall and built-in. Installation of water heaters of storage type is carried out in accordance with attached scheme. The installation is carried out with the help of special anchor bolts.

In order to provide cold water supply, it is necessary to install the pipeline from polypropilene, metal and plastic or metallic tubes. In case of emergency, it is wise to install a bleed valve. Pipes distribution of hot water supply is carried out in accordance with the equal water distribution to all consumers. It is also necessary to carry out the heat insulation, otherwise, it will lead to overloading and reduction of its efficiency and service life.