Income level: from 800 000 sums
Work type: Full time work (6 days)
Work place: At the office
Official duties: Writing unique and high-quality articles for our site, adding information to websites, search optimization and website promotion.
Requirements for a candidate
Age: Under 35 years old
Gender: Female (desirable)
Languages knowledge: Russian (desirable).
Education: Special Secondary or higher. Good knowledge of Russian language (stylistics, punctuation, etc.).
Personal car: doesn’t matter
Qualification requirements:  

  • Experience in the field of copywriting at least for a year.
  • Knowing Dropal and WordPress.
  • Ability to write beautifully and clearly.


                                                                               In our work we rely on 3 basic values:

1. Desire for high quality and self-improvement.

article writing 1 1.jpg

2. Respect for people and society

3. No bad habits that can disturb working.


We ask applicants to send CV with information about themselves to our or fill out “online” CV on our website.