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In modern world, mankind constantly thinks about how to make all aspects of life more comfortable and comfortable. However, we know that far from all small towns in many countries there are such things as heating, hot water and other amenities that people in larger cities seem to be simple and seemingly self-evident. But modern technologies have not stood and are not standing today. Now even in such small towns, a way out of this situation has been found.

Today, it is possible to provide warmth and comfort in every house using gas boilers. Such boilers are easy to operate, cheap, as practice shows, and are much cheaper than monthly payment for the use of a centralized urban heating system, that are conventional batteries. In addition, this type of heating does not always provide necessary level of heat for living space, not to mention the unpleasant circumstance  due to high level of load, city heating system can not always work stably. It seems that everyone is familiar with the situation when an ordinary apartment building is not heated at all for 2-3 months. At the same time, it is necessary to pay for such, extremely poor-quality heating all the year round. Otherwise, the consumer can simply turn off the hot water at all.

Gas boilers can be installed in cases where gas is connected to your home. If the connection to central gas pipeline in house is available, then we can assume that the problem of heating your home is solved forever. The efficiency of these boilers is much higher than conventional batteries, an additional advantage is that you can adjust the level of heat supply yourself, as well as heat, or, do not heat your home, and therefore - pay, or, do not pay. Now everything will depend on your personal desire, and not on whims of public services.

Gas boilers can be divided into floor and wall, and, depending on power level of a particular model, they can be:

  • Single-circuit - such boilers carry only one function - direct heating of the house
  • Double circuit - having such a boiler you can not only fully heat the house, but also warm the water in the shower/kitchen.
  • Three-circuit - such a boiler can be used for heating floors, water in the kitchen/shower/pool,heating.

As we see, having such a boiler in your house, you can save considerably not only on heating costs, but also on very expensive hot water (which, by the way, can't be always and everywhere).

Of course, the purchase of such a boiler and its primary installation will cost you some money, but according to statistics, such boilers pay off very quickly. The use of gas today is much cheaper than the consumption of hot water. But do not forget that to carry out installation, and, if necessary, repair should only be done by qualified specialist.

Server-Service Company performs high-quality, operatively and reliably:

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  • Repair of all existing brands of gas boilers in Tashkent.
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