Underfloor heating. How to make your home warm and cozy for all your family and friends? There is an excellent solution: this is a floor heating system! The advantage of this system is that thanks to it, the heat no longer concentrates near the heating batteries and heaters, leaving the rest of the space uncomfortable and cold. The price of heating your house will be significantly lower because of the cost-effectiveness of this technology.

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What does the system of floor heating mean? History time..

Heated floors have been known since ancient times. For example, they were used in homes of wealthy Romans, especially in famous Roman baths. And now, in South Korea you will not find a house not equipped with a warm floor system. By the way, South Korea is one of the leaders in the production of heating film used for some types of floor heating systems.

Warm floors types

There are two main types of floor heating systems. Each of them is divided into two subtypes.

1. The first type is – «Water-heated floor»Водяные системы отопления пола в Узбекистане

The water-heated floor consists of pipes laid on a heat-insulating coating and covered with a cement screed. When using the water floor, room heating is due to the heated water circulating in its system. The water-heated floor is divided into two types of connection:

А. A water-heated floor connected to the heating system at home (it is possible if the system is not centralized, and no one else is heating your house).

Б. Water heated floor, the water in which is heated by connected gas or another boiler.

2. The second type is – «Еlectrical heated floor»Проводной теплый пол в Узбенкистане

Electric warm floor system is a network of heating elements, insulated from the interfloor and covered with cement screed. There are the following types of “electric warm floor” systems:

А. Electric warm floor made of special heating cable. Such a floor will serve you for many decades (for example, offered Raon System has a 10-year warranty – during which all faults will be eliminated at the manufacturer’s expense).

Пленочный теплый пол в ТашкентеБ. So-called infra-red warm floor (or film) is a warm floor consisting of two layers of thin plastic film, between which is a metal conductive coating. This system has recently appeared on our market, but is gaining in popularity due to the lower electricity consumption and the relatively low cost of such a film (it costs about 2-3 times less than the cable floor heating – but also the durability of such heating is in 3-5 times below).

The main disadvantage of such warm floors is low durability and low reliability.

Important: Do not believe the false name of this kind of warm floors and fantastic salesmen’s offers – there is common with real infrared heating floor! And lower consumption of electricity indicates only the allocation of less heat.

Стержневой теплый пол в УзбекистанеВ. Core warm floors – they are based on carbon rods, which are heated by supplying them with electricity, as well as wires for supplying rods power. Such floors have reliability comparable to wired warm floors (as when rest of rod fails, the others continue to work), but consume some more of electricity.

Today, manufacturers offer a huge number of different floor heating systems. Some of them are able to serve more than 50 years, other scarcely will last for 5 years. Choose the reliable technology and perform the installation of warm floor, our company’s master will help you. At us you will find the warmest floors in Uzbekistan – and best masters for their installation.

Our specialists make the laying of warm floor of all types and dimensions. The warm floor system installed by professional, skilled workers will give you comfort and warmth even in the coldest winter cold. In addition, the price of our services is reasonable. We appreciate and respect our customers, we are always ready to meet their wishes. The price of our services depends on the volume and used materials.



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