Boilers flushing must be done periodically, since inevitable accumulation of corrosion, scale and deposits on internal surface of boiler’s water channel during its operation leads to a significant drop in boiler operating efficiency and the entire system associated with water/steam cycle boiler. Which in turn provokes a decrease or instability of heat exchange system, causes equipment malfunctions or pipes damages, and also significantly increases fuel consumption. Therefore, a qualified boiler washing will not only prevent boiler malfunctions, but also reduce your current costs.

 “Server Service” company’s specialists will carry out washing work, repair of boilers, maintenance of other equipment, the key to the successful operation of your boiler equipment is our work.

However, if failure occurs, we will quickly repair all equipment in the shortest possible time.
In addition, a high-quality heating installation will further significantly save on boilers washing, heat exchanger and other equipment. You will need less to clean heating system and boiler flushing, etc.

Thus, by ordering service in our Server Service company, – flushing boilers or repairing heating boilers, you can be sure that all work will be done at the highest professional level.

Boilers washing is made without boiler analysis by an imported device with the use of specialized acids.


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