Emergency ventilation is the essential component of the project of any modern building. Its main function is removal of smoke and hazardous combustion products in the case of fire.

Design of smoke exhaust ventilation system is a responsible task, as the human’s life depends on the quality of project implementation. That’s why it must be implemented by highly qualified specialists.

Calculation features of smoke exhaust ventilation system

There are many factors that must be taken into account during project development of emergency ventilation system. First of all these are:

  • number of storeys and construction features of the bulding;
  • purpose of the building (residential, administrative, production);
  • evacuation route in case of fire.

Project is developed on the basis of normative documents where important points are specified, for example fire safety rules and providing fire protection of such basic components of ventilation system as air ducts, valves, fans etc.

Mentioned below calculations are made during project development:

  • level of heat loading in case of emergency;
  • air exchange rate in case of fire;
  • temperature and density of combustion products;
  • air consumption;
  • total pressure loss.

Capacity of smoke exhaust fans and size of ventilation ducts section depend on the received results.

When designing, it is necessary to take into account the following points. The first – exhaust ducts must be located near load-bearing ceiling. The second – supply duct is located on the side of the corridor, and exhaust duct – on the side of the room. The third – ventilation system must be equipped with smoke detectors.

Project documentation

Package of project documentation includes:

  • drawing of emergency ventilation;
  • explanatory note;
  • estimate.

Design of ventilation system requires a professional approach and great experience, that’s why such a responsible task must be implemented by reliable companies, such as Server Service.

Features of design

Design of smoke exhaust ventilation system involves the carrying out full range of services. At first the specialists analyze the project and make all necessary calculations.

It is necessary to determine the number of staircase and elevator shaft, as well as rooms where it is necessary to install ventilation system.

At the beginning stage all necessry calculations are made (type and number of ventilation ducts and fans, as well as type of fire protection).

Porject development must be implemented in accordance with SNiP. According to the rules, the system consists of the following components:

  • ventilation ducts;
  • chimney valve;
  • smoke exhaust fans;
  • shafts;
  • fire protection system.

When estimating, it is also necessary to take into account all features of the building.

In order to make a competent technical specification, it is necessary to know all features of the facility, analized received information. Competent technical specification allows to make correct drawing, estimate and specifications.

Furthermore, it is also important to choose fire-resistant material, develop a project of ventilation system and test emergency ventilation. All necessary information is specified in the documentation: specifications and features of the building, air ducts installation complexity, all components necessary for installation, type of fire protection system, smoke exhaust fans, test results etc.

Most common mistakes

Our company has worked in the field of ventilation system for over 10 years. In the course of our activity we have not only designed emergency ventilation system but also corrected mistajes made by specialists of other companies.

So during our works we most often encounter such problems as:

  • incompliance of SNiP;
  • incorrect carrying out calculations;
  • incorrect selection of smoke exhaust ducts spare parts.

In order to avoid all these problems, contact Server Service Company! Our specialists with many years’ experience will develop a project of ventilation system, make all necessary calculations and provide a full package of documents.

Besides, our company owns a factory for production of air ducts. This means that we can produce all necessary parts for ventilation system at the lowest price.