Обслуживание вытяжной вентиляцииMaintenance of exhaust ventilation. Exhaust ventilation is necessary for outflow of contaminated air with high content of harmful gas, dust and humidity. The exhaust air is removed from the premise with the help of exhaust ventilation. Fresh air enters the room by means of natural way (through open windows).

If exhaust and separate input ventilation are installed in the premise, it is necessary to balance their productivity.

Exhaust ventilation has a range of advantages:

  • It is able to effectively remove contaminated air from production premises.
  • It provides the removal of excess heat from the premise.
  • In case of fire, it also removes carbon dioxide from the premise.

The maintenance of ventilation systems is necessary to carry out regularly and timely. Cleaning and preventive maintenance of the ventilation system will extend the service life of your ventilation system. This is due to the fact that the most common cause of ventilation system malfunction occurs because of its clogging and lack of lubrication in fan’s bearings, as well as other minor malfunctions.

Services of our company

Server Service Company provides maintenance, diagnostics and repair of ventilation systems. Our specialists have an extensive knowledge and experience in the field of ventilation systems. Therefore, we can repair the malfunctions of ventilation system of any complexity. The maintenance of exhaust ventilation systems is carried out in accordance with manufacturer’s generally accepted rules.

The frequency of carrying out of ventilation system maintenance depends on many factors, such as system complexity, general length of air ducts, premise purpose and other. It is installed individually for each client. We carry out the maintenance of exhaust ventilation at any time convenient for you in a very short time.

We carry out the maintenance of ventilation system in Uzbekistan at the best price!

List of services that must be taken into account during the maintenance of exhaust ventilation
List of services that must be taken into account during the maintenance of exhaust ventilation

There is a list of services that must be implemented during the maintenance of exhaust ventilation. Pay your attention that the price for ventilation maintenance depends on the region of Uzbekistan. This is because of level of contaminated air, climatic conditions and other factors.

So, it is necessary to check and carry out:

  • Filters. If it is necessary, they must be replaced
  • Air intake
  • Cleaning of fan from dust, bearing lubrication of the fan, balancing of blades
  • Fan’s motors status
  • Reliability of electric connections
  • Automation system working efficiency
  • Fire protection valves
  • Measurements of temperature and air pressure drop

The list can be changed, depending on the individual properties of ventilation system.

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