VRV (VRF) systems are used for favorable climate in multi-storey administrative and industrial buildings. The abbreviation “Variable Refrigerant Volume” was patented by Daikin Company. The operating principle of these powerful climatic installations is similar to traditional split systems. The main difference is the quantity of internal units.

Advantages of split air conditioning systems

VRV (VRF) systems are equipped with all standard options of industrial air conditioners. It is worth noting that the technical parameters of these split systems have more advantages in comparison with industrial air conditioners.

Split air conditioning system consists of one outdoor unit and large number of indoor units. Each of these units maintain certain temperature parameters. These modules are connected with Freon trunk that consist of several pipes. The length of manifold in vertical direction is 50 meters, in horizontal direction is 150 meters. That’s why the outdoor unit can be installed away from the building and at the same time provide its efficient conditioning.

Advantages and defects of VRV (VRF) systems

There are many advantages of split air conditioning systems. There is a list some of them:

  • Reliability. Split air conditioning system can be operated both when it is too cold and too hot. If one of the modules is broken, the whole split system will not stop functioning.
  • Simple installation. Light weight of internal units allows to carry out the installation from the brigade of 4-5 people.
  • Simple control. The setting of internal units can be carried out by means of centralized remote control panel, wireless controller or PC.
  • Economical operation. Advanced process helps to avoid light running and consume low electric energy consumption.

Defects of split air conditioning systems is a high price and further maintenance, as well as noise during the operation.

Nuances during the installation

Scheme of installation must be carried out by qualified specialists. The installation of all parts (controllers, electric power supply, protection devices) is a very responsible and important operation. A special attention must be paid to outdoor unit that produces a high level of noise. The powerful unit the farther away the outdoor unit is installed. It is often installed on the roof or attic. When choosing the place of installation, it is necessary to take into account the precense of nearby residential buildings.

Maintenance of split air conditioning systems.

VRV (VRF) systems need a regular professional maintenance, during of which the cleaning of filters and pumps is carried out. Specialists of our company will carry out the unit calibration, replacement of consumable materials. We also carry out diagnostics of compressor and condenser units, as well as the operation in different modes.

“Server Service” Company provides the services of installation, start up and commissioning and maintenance of VRV (VRF) systems. We carry out not only high quality and quick services but also provide a guarantee for all implemented services.

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