In our country, the sun shines almost all year around. Even in winter, we have a lot more sunny days than cloudy, so in our climate, solar heating is the most optimal heating solution.

There are many ways to implement this system. Solar collectors can also be used for heating the house and for supplying it with hot water, in addition to them you can connect an absorption chiller to use solar energy in the summer to cool your house or production building.

Our company realizes any solar heating system “UNDER KEY”. Our specialists will make all calculations for the design of the heating/air conditioning system and select the necessary equipment. We will supply high-quality inexpensive equipment from China or devices from a well-known manufacturer from Europe, install solar collectors and do all other elements of solar heating system.

In this article we describe the simplest version of heating a house with solar energy: solar collectors + accumulating capacity.

The principle of operation is as follows:

Installed solar collectors, storage tank (heat-insulated tank for storing hot water), pumping stations for forced circulation of coolant and control system (controller, temperature sensors, water pressure, etc.).

Solar collectors concentrate solar energy and transfer it to the internal heat carrier, which in turn transfers the heat received from the sun to the water in the tank, and distribution of hot water through the heating and water supply system of the house. In order not to buy collectors with a power reserve for very cold winter days, additional heaters (electric, gas or diesel) can be installed to further heat of water in the tank. These heaters can also be useful at night, if suddenly the reserve of hot accumulated water in the tank  is not enough for a day usage of full house heating.

You can see the picture of solar heating principle with a tank at the end of the article.

Our company carries out design and installation of heating systems using alternative energy sources. Given the regular rise in prices for electricity and gas, such systems in Uzbekistan are gaining to increasing popularity. If you want a “sunny house” just call our company and order the installation of solar “Turnkey” collectors. If you also need an air conditioning system, these collectors can be connected to the absorption chiller in summer and you will receive the cold from the sun’s heat.