Автомобильная холодильная установкаRefrigerators. “Server Service” company offers you services for maintenance and refrigerator repair of any type. We have been working in the market for rendering this type of services for quite a long time, which allows us to confidently talk about the great accumulated experience and well-developed methods of providing this type of services.

Specialists of our company have undergone special training, therefore, no matter how difficult the repair of refrigerators was foreseen, we can confidently talk about its successful and high-quality implementation.

Refrigeration plants, like all complicated equipment, can operate smoothly for a long time, especially if they are attentive to their technical condition. They need timely scheduled maintenance, diagnostics of critical components and assemblies. In addition, it is necessary to carry out systematic seasonal preparation, adjustment of refrigerators, properly implemented, which can only be done by professionals.

Автомобильный рефрижераторLike any technique, refrigerators can fail. The causes of breakages can be many, but the main ones are the failure of important components and assemblies, the breakdown of the compressor. There is also a possibility of depressurization of refrigerant systems, a breakdown of the condenser or evaporative unit, and so on.

Qualitatively repairs carried out by specialists of our company will significantly prolong the service life of installation. And thanks to the accumulated experience and high qualification of our masters, we can say with confidence about high quality of provided services.

Our company carries out maintenance, diagnostics, adjustment and preventive maintenance of installations of any kind, qualitatively, and in precisely specified period of time.

“Server Service” company is a professional approach to maintenance and repair of refrigerators. We are able to quickly solve any of your problems arising during devices operation, regardless of their brand and type.

“Server Service” company will repair any commercial equipment, quickly, efficiently and at a low price. In any payment form (cash/bank transfer)

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