Water heater descaling.

A modern electric water heater is a reliable and durable device, but even it can fail if it used improperly.

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Main reason for the failure of water heaters is scum. Heated water in most cases contains many salts and other impurities – when water is heated to 60-80°C, all these impurities settle on heating elements and internal surfaces of the boiler. Scum clogs the tubes and valves of water heater, spoils them, because of its burnt out heating elements – repair of water heater will cost a lot (because of scale, almost of all  internal elements of water heater suffer).

In order to protect your water heater from breakage (and yourself from cash costs), it is necessary to regularly service and clean the water heater from formed scale. The process of descaling looks like this: first, water heater is disconnected from the water and electricity supply, dismantled, then it is necessary to disassemble body of the water heater, remove all control electronics and heaters. The body of water heater, valves and connection pipes are flushed with high-pressure water (our specialists use special equipment for this purpose), after washing, the water heater is dried and the masters start cleaning the water heaters. If it’s needed to clean the heater, a special cleaning solution is used, which is selected for each device individually.

After cleaning the device of scale, the water heater is getting assembled, its tightness and serviceability is getting checked, and installed in its old place.

The specialists of Server Service company have a great experience in service and repair of domestic water heaters – we will clean your water heater from scale, check its reliability and replace all failed elements. Repair and cleaning of water heaters in Tashkent and beyond the city – can be with a guarantee only with us!

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