Heating boilers from Rinnai are not only of high-quality, but also “smart”. This boiler will notify you about the error, using a certain number, based on which you will be able to determine the cause of the failure. Naturally, only a qualified master can know exactly what caused the error.

It is better not to repair this device with a completely not simple system by yourself, it is strictly not recommended to install it on its own. In most cases, it is the incorrect primary installation that causes a number of errors and numerous breakdowns that entail an impressive financial cost.

Types of Rinnai boilers breakdowns

  • Error 16, as a rule, can mean overheating, or failure of the heat exchanger. Failures in the operation of the heat exchanger may occur for many reasons, for example, due to improper installation, or because of heat-exchanger clogging. Also, the cause may be a burnt pump. So, it is better to call a master. Instead of looking for the cause of the breakdown by yourself.
  • Error 52 means, as a rule, means valve malfunction. Only specialist can solve this problem. Decision in this case is to completely replace damaged valve, or to replace the board – it depends on situation. Most often, both parts are replaced at once. Often the cause is the breakdown of the contacts between the valve and the board, when one of the contacts gets wet and is corroded. Electronic parts of the boiler mechanism must be carefully protected against ingress and exposure to moisture.
  • Error 99 can tell the owner of the boiler about the problems with the chimney. This situation, as more often, arises in unfortunate case, if the boiler for two or more seasons has not been properly maintained. It means, it was not cleaned, in addition, the casting of poor-quality antifreeze can also affect the state of boiler, and also the installation produced by pipes of small cross section. Spares when eliminating this error are not required, but here’s to clean every single detail, and accordingly – there will be the need to disassemble the boiler.

For repair and service of Rinnai heating boiler was carried out qualitatively, it is necessary to hire only professionals. Our company, “Server-Servis”, performs installation, repair and maintenance of Rinnai heating boilers in Tashkent. We carry out our work with a guarantee and at reasonable prices.

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