Our company offers you design, construction, maintenance and installation of vegetable and fruit stores with the use of CA systems technologies, performed specifically for you, taking into account the individual requirements for your products.

Maintaining and improving the quality of the harvested crop is becoming an increasingly important task. Market demand for fresh fruits and vegetables of excellent quality is constantly growing.

The main form of interaction between fruit and vegetables and environment is the process of breathing. During storage, breathing heat is released. However, not all of the heat is released into the air, since some of it is used by the cell for exchange reactions and evaporation, some are stored in the form of chemically bound energy.
The biological role of breathing is to provide live tissues of fruits and vegetables with the energy necessary for their vital functions.

Along with moisture evaporation, breathing process is inevitably accompanied by a decrease in the mass of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, such losses are called natural. They can be reduced by adjusting the intensity of breathing and evaporation of moisture, which is of great practical importance.

In CA system, as compared to storage in ordinary air, the quality of fruit and vegetables is better preserved, green color persists longer, the hydrolytic decay processes of protopectin are slowed down (fruits last longer, remain solid).


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