Server Service company provides services in design of ventilation systems of any complexity.

Ventilation is an indispensable element of any building. Its design is a whole system of work for air parameters calculation, selection of current technical solution,  selection of equipment and of course drawing up drawings and diagrams.

Only the best designers of Uzbekistan work with Server Service team, with extensive experience and a responsible approach to work.

Advantages of Server Service company 

  • We employ qualified designers and installers with special education and long experience, who understand all nuances of their business.
  • Server Service team consists of specialists of different profiles who help each other in solving various tasks. Often, during the design, small errors are allowed, which are visible only to installers, since they are the ones who will implement this ventilation system. The presence in our state of installers, allows you to avoid these shortcomings.
  • We take responsibility for work responsibly, taking into account the smallest load on  ventilation system during its design.
  • We design ventilation systems of any type: inflow, supply-exhaust, natural or mechanical, central and local ventilation systems. You can get acquainted with the types of ventilation on our website in appropriate section.
  • We are universal. We provide a range of services to equip facilities with ventilation systems, after drafting, we can provide services for equipment supply, installation and commissioning. Also we can combine ventilation system with other building engineering systems, such as heating or air conditioning.
  • We integrate ventilation with smart home systems
  • We provide a long guarantee for all our services and absolutely responsible for ventilation design.
  • We give discounts to regular customers and customers ordering in our company a set of services (for example, design and delivery of equipment or design and installation). More services you order, the greater will be discount.

Server Service company has all necessary resources to create a quality ventilation system. In addition, subsequent installation you can order from us with discount.

What do you need from customer to create the project?

  1. Technical order for ventilation system design;
  2. Architectural and construction drawings of the facility;
  3. Technological project (provided only if the object of design is foodservice industries, production or sales area).

Server Services designers perform ventilation design for objects of different purposes:

  • Restaurants and cafes;
  • Houses, offices and pools;
  • Складских и производственных помещений;
  • Shopping, entertainment and sports centers;
  • For animal farms (poultry farms, cow barns, etc.)

We carry out design in accordance with all norms and rules for individual objects. If you need a high-quality ventilation system that will work properly and cope with the load for many years, then call and order the project at Server Service. We are always glad to help you and answer all your questions.