Effective heating system plays a great role in the improvement of houses, apartments, offices, hotels, trade centers and other objects of different purpose.

Server Service Company provides a full range of services of heating systems. We provide not only the equipment delivery to Uzbekistan but also its installation.

Do you want to buy heating units at affordable price? We offer:

  • floor and wall, gas and electric double-pressure boilers;
  • vertical and horizontal steam generators;
  • liquid-fuel, solid-fuel and combined boilers;
  • gas, diesel and pellet burners;
  • Kovi furnace with electric heating.

You can also order air and heating units, as well as all necessary parts for underfloor heating.

Server Service Company provides the delivery of specialized equipment from China and Europe.

Direct cooperation with manufacturers allows us to set low prices for such equipment in Uzbekistan. Besides, we provide the official guarantee of quality for all equipment and services implemented by our specialists.For more information, please go to the page using the link. Our contacts:(71) 207 33 32; (98) 128 04 02