Refrigerated tables (cooling tables) are designed to store refrigerated products at a temperature: from -2 to +10°C.

There are also freezing tables (low-temperature cooled tables) – from -10 …- 20°С. Refrigeration tables are used in food and trade enterprises for storage of refrigerated and frozen foods and cookery products. Refrigeration tables in some situations are very convenient – great functionality unlike refrigerated cabinets or chests. The table top is made of stainless steel and serves as a working surface.

Repair of refrigerated tables, as well as repair of any complex equipment, must necessarily be done only by a good master, who has all necessary spare parts and processed materials, who is well oriented in particular features of your desk and can quickly fix the malfunction. Many serious firms, realizing that simple professional equipment leads to large losses, and trying to make all repairs already on the first departure of the repair team. Masters have a set of processed materials, such as fans, microprocessors, compressors, thermal sensors, they can find a leak of freon, eliminate it and refill the system with freon again. Simpliest operations are cleaning of  heat exchanger, replacement of lamps, cleaning/replacing filters and drainage system.

Ремонт охлаждаемых столов в Ташкенте

Specialists of Server Service carry out repairs, diagnostics, maintenance of commercial refrigeration equipment, including refrigerated tables (cooling tables) of different manufacturers (Unifrigor, Fagor, Polair, Desmon, Coven, Rada, Oscar Zarzosa, Enofrigo, Elcold, Winterhalter, Roller Grill, Convotherm, Robot Coupe, UNOX, Fimar, Kuchenbach, Project System, Rada, Olis, Zanussi, Electrolux, Rational, Kovinastroj, Kogast, Scotsman, Omas, Smeg, Beckers, Fama, Sirman, Gierre, MKN, MTH, Garbin, Gierre, DIHR, Brema, Bourgeois, Abat, Angelo Po, Giga, Ambach, Technoinox, Emmeri, Mareno, Kromo, Sigma, Giga).

Repair of refrigeration equipment is provided with a guarantee, both for done work and for replaced spare parts and equipment components.

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