Sale of chillers and fan coil units is one of the main activity of “Server Service” Company.

High quality conditioning system is the warranty of success and prosperity of any enterprise. “Chiller-fancoil” system is used in large enterprises for providing of comfortable climatic conditions. It is able to serve up to 80 rooms simultaneously.

Despite the popularity of this equipment, it is not simple to buy the chiller in Tashkent. This is due to the fact that the delivery of such equipment is a complex operation.

What should you do?

Do you want to save time and money? Contact our company and we will help you!

We carry out the delivery of chillers, fan coil units, VRV systems, roof air conditioners. We also provide the delivery of industrial humidifiers, air heating units from China and Europe. Cooperation with manufacturer’s factories allows us to supply only high quality equipment at the best prices. We guarantee quick time of delivery and provide the guarantee of quality.

Full range of services

“Server Service” Company provides the delivery of fan coil units and chillers to Uzbekistan. We also install the equipment in accordance with all regulations. Professional installation will provide trouble-free operation, eliminate premature failure of internal mechanisms. It also will extend the service life of your climatic installation.

Besides installation works, our specialists carry out maintenance of chiller-fan coil unit system. Conclude a long-term contract with “Server Service” Company for technical maintenance. Consequently, you will avoid the problems of the equipment malfunction!

Do you want to buy the chiller in Uzbekistan at the best price with the further professional installation and maintenance? Call us!

We have in a stock chiller with a capacity of 130, 100 and 66 Kw:

Model TCA201DC TCA301DC
Cooling capacity RT 20 30
kW 66 100
Electric power 380V/3N — 50Hz
Power consumption kW 21,5 34,2
Refrigerant Type R22
Volume 8*2 12*2
Power control % 0-50-100
Compressor Type spiral
Quantity A 2 4
Fan Quantity 2 2
Heat exchanger Type plated
Air consumption m3/h 24000 40000
Water condumption m3/h 11,4 17,2
Pressure drop kPa 80 85
Dimension Length mm 2206 2206
Width mm 1030 1073
Height mm 2144 2144
Pipe connection DN50 DN50
Weight Netto weight kg 799 1080

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