Cold stores for flowers

Server Service Company performs installation, service and repair of cold stores in Uzbekistan, as well as showcases for flowers.

Constructions of cold stores for flowers

Closed type. This design is similar to a cabinet – one of stores walls is made entirely or partially from heat-resistant glass. The camera installs fluorescent lights, due to which the flowers receive the necessary light. Built-in refrigeration units are used in this system.

Showcase type. The camera has a double glazed window that prevents cold from leaking. The camera itself reminds of a large aquarium, providing a good overview of the bouquets for buyer. Such showcases are equipped with refrigeration units with separately standing condenser-compressor (usually installed outdoors) unit and evaporator (inside of the room) connected by freon pipeline.

General information of cold rooms for flowers:

Dimensions. Usually, cold rooms for flowers are made of small sizes – 2-4 square meters. This is due to the fact that retail flower shops do not keep a large stock of flowers, preferring to regularly purchase fresh products. For large flower depots and stores dealing with the wholesale of flowers refrigerating chambers can be built of 150 m2 or more.

Room material. For thermal insulation, high-density foam (40-50 kg/m3) is additionally coated with a metal foil.

Coating. For the coating, cold rolled galvanized thick steel 0.4-0.8 mm is used. It is unpretentious and easy to clean.

Cooling system. Most often for monochrome cold stores, they are easy to install, they are compact in size and perfectly suited for small stores with a small glazing area. In larger refrigerating stores and display-type cells (having a large glazing area), refrigerating units consist of a separate evaporator and a compressored-condenser unit.

If you need a cold stores for flowers in Uzbekistan, its installation or repair – call us!