Sprayable polyurethane foam. PU spraying for today is one of the most promising methods of creating thermal insulation coatings. Spraying from the foam generator gives the polyurethane foam the ability to cover desired surface of any shape. In addition, it is distinguished by its excellent adhesive strength, due to which it is remarkably suitable for the design and implementation of thermal insulation of all possible elements of industrial and residential buildings.

Principle of equipment operation used for spraying of polyurethane foam, which is based on precise dosage of two components in strict accordance with manufacturer’s recipe. Entering mixing camera of special sprayer through the hoses, these components are mixed, forming a mixture immediately sprayed onto the insulated surface.

Following types of work are performed by spraying polyurethane foam: sealing and thermal insulation of ceilings, warming the roof and flat roofs of the house; thermal insulation of floors and buildings walls; arrangement of refrigeration units; thermal insulation of thermo-bodies and refrigerated wagons; waterproofing tanks and pipelines, as well as other objects, which operate under different temperature regimes. As a result of PU spraying, a seamless thermal insulation coating is formed, in which the appearance of cold bridges over the entire surface of a uniformly covered polyurethane surface with any configuration complexity is eliminated.

No other thermal insulation material has similar properties. Our company provides a full range of services related to thermal insulation with polyurethane foam. Our employees are always ready to provide all necessary consultations, and after ordering for cold store insulation, production, storage or living space in Uzbekistan, you will receive the result of the highest quality at the most favorable price for you.