First of all, water heaters differ on principle of heating. With surface heating, heat is transferred to water when it touches Server Service Company offers a wide range of services for installation and connection of gas water heaters from all manufacturers. Team of specialists from Server Service makes installation and commissioning of gas flow-through water heaters, gas storage water heaters, as well as sanitary and electrical engineering works.

Gas water heater is very popular, as it allows you to achieve savings of three to four times, compared to electrical equivalent. Certainly, if it is possible to connect these device indoors. The cost of gas water heater in comparison with the electric one is higher and the connection conditions are more complicated.

surface of heat transfer elements, and when it is heated, it is transferred to the water by hot steam or gas.

Gas storage water heaters

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Capacitive gas water heaters are available in two types: natural draft (with an open combustion chamber) and forced draft (with a closed combustion chamber).

Water heaters with forced draft do not require additional airflow into the room to maintain combustion and do not need a chimney. Instead, a short coaxial is successfully used, which can be taken to the street directly through the wall. But, such water heaters are about one and a half times more expensive than devices with natural draft.

Gas storage water heaters are made in wall and desktop versions. Main elements of  water heater: a tank, protected from inside by a special coating and equipped with a magnesium anode to prevent corrosion; thermal insulation; exhaust hood, which prevents the reverse flow of waste gases; Atmospheric gas burner control unit and a protection system that blocks gas flow in the event of any malfunctions; Outer casing of steel, covered with a layer of paint. Production of hot water per unit time is directly related to thermal device capacity: more heat exchanger power we have, more hot water can be given out by water heater.

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Gas flow-through water heaters

Gas flow-through water heaters – is a metal casing inside of which there is a burner, which heats water passing through the heat exchanger, and the automation that ensures its safe operation. When tap with a water supply opens, valve opens and gas enters burner. Ignition of gas, depending on model of device, can be automatic or carried out with help of a special button. Automatic gas heaters are more economical, because there is no igniter in them with a constantly burning flame. If you use columns with open combustion chambers, combustion products of gas must be discharged through flue. The column with closed camera replaces coaxial metal hose.

Installing of gas water heater 

If you install gas water heater, it is required to provide a gas pipe laying and a vent hole.

Design and equip the premises for the installation of special equipment.

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Process of installation:

1 – Disconnect the old heater.

Turn off the gas. Using two pliers, unscrew the gas pipe.

2 – Disconnect water supply.

With two suitable pliers, disconnect the pipe from the boiler. If the connection is very tight, cut the pipe.

3 – Install a new heater.

Place the heating device where it will stand firm and not loose. Make sure that this place is well ventilated. Do not place the water heater near flammable appliances. Turn the heater to provide an unobstructed approach. On heater sides, lay pads for strength.

4 – Use teflon tape when fastening pipes. Pipes need to be fixed most tightly. On the pipes there are directing marks, how to fix correctly. Connect blue indicator tubes to  cold water pipe so indicators are facing the heater. Pipes with red pointers are attached to the pipe with hot water. Tighten the connections by rotating two pliers in opposite directions.

If you unscrew  water supply valve during operation, put it in its place.

Connect water pipes and the pressure limiter.

Using two pliers, connect water pipe to the heater. Open all valves and let the water flow evenly. Close the taps.

Installation of gas water heaters requires a number of actions related to laying of water pipes. Therefore, such work should be carried out only by professional specialists.

Server Service Company is ready to implement all measures for installing gas heaters connected with installation of equipment, in a short time with guarantees of quality and reliability.